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forgot to commit the modified pointerscannerfrm.pas

Implement the group menuitem checkbox update for Manual Expand Collapse

fix the rescan window resizing

Fix GetFileSizeEx not being properly declared.

And add some extra checks for 0 byte .ptr files (skip them)

fix rescan not overwriting the results

Add custom headers for assembler instructions like comments

And commit the method lookup code for the mono data collector

Implement method name lookup

fix something stupid

implement findClass

deal with pipereads of 0 bytes better, and implement code to get the namespace from a class

change the pointerscan result reader to make use of file mapping instead of manually reading

Add a searchpath for 32-bit or 64-bit lua extension dll's

forgot the then

undo a certain change

Adding an extra brace to make sure the other states are not checked if level+3<maxlevel

Add some more prioritizing of the queue. (More if statements)

fix the stop button and add some code to prioritize top level queue entries

Add a method to register new auto assembler commands

Make the mono plugin add a menu item

Commit some documentation (And yes, I know I still need to replace an I with an O)

And change enumModules so it loads a modulelist as well (useful in onOpenProcess)

Add some extra mono functions

Don't queue the crappy paths either

Don't queue the crappiest paths

Improve speed some more by not caring too much if a lock is obtainable or not

add a calculation to lower collisions

improve pointerscan performance by moving the counter to seperate storage locations for each thread and pick which cpu cores get what thread

Also, changed the queuesize to a const and LOWERED the quesize for an even greater speed increase

fix speed calculation when starting a new scan

fix compilation for 32-bit (treenode)

add a couple of extra methods to the treeview and pipe. And add the mono dissector code/form (lua) to the cheat engine autorun folder.

Add Level property to the treenode class

Add an 8 byte storage to treenodes on lua's side

Add events for OnExpanding and OnCollapsing for the treeview

Add enumModules to lua so you can get a list of all modules. Even if you don't know the name of the module

forgot to undo a small test

Add the ability to add custom data to class object

change the way treenodes are added slightly

And make the method names a bit more forgiving

Add code for controlling the TreeView and TreeNode's with lua

Added the popup/context menu, and added options to change the order of menu items (object inspector rightclick in the treeview)

Also made rightclicking in the object inspector treeview more userfriendly

cleanup CEForms on exit

Add mainmenu to the designed forms. (still slightly buggy when closing)

Add a tabbed control (no lua specific code yet though)

Add an item editor to the listview and added the treeview components (still needs an editor itself, and a treenode lua class wrapper)

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add ctrl+r (replace) to the lua engine

and add an extra check to the symbollist destructor

add lua access to the symbollist class and make the symbol handler be able to handle custom lists

Also added some extra calendar stuff my mgr.inz.player

forgot the bytesize

Add disassembling lfence and mfence and fix sfence

implement XSAVE and XRSTOR

Start implementing the Java inspector

merge the offset label and calender patches by mgr.inz.Player into the svn

change static link to IsWow64Process to a dynamic load. Should fix OS'es that never even heard of 64-bit

fix paste not giving components new names

blatantly steal the anchor editor from lazarus

WTF... Remove experimental code that isn't needed anymore

Add {$LUA} and {$ASM} to the auto assembler and symbol highlighter to let aa scripts execute multiline lua blocks. (these functions can return a string to replace their blocks with the string they return)

Also make notify specific ip's visible in the pointerscan rescan window

Fix saving more than needed. (Edit the form and then close the designer for it to fix existing forms)

Implement structure dissect automatic fill based on mono class layout

fix closeCE

Implement structure name lookup for the mono extension and fix the safeguard around the scan for the structure vtable

Implement a bunch of lua functions that should make it easier to add engine specific support, including their bytecodes

Implemented saving/loading the dissectcode object

Change enummodules to make it's own list, and add the ability to specify a specific process without opening it

Fix the bug where a mono process would wait till the injected thread was terminated

implement some threading helper functions and fix some threading issues and fix a problem with getting the breakpointlist

change createTimer to accept 0 parameters

Removed and shiften some internal counters in the pointerscanner and added nonstatic vtable pointers as an option

That second parameter isn't needed

Implement Address to Symbolname lookup for jitted functions in mono

And fix a callback bug

give the token instead of full string

also fix address lookup

fix the symbol callback registration

Add symbol lookup callbacks to lua

test and fix the new aa commands

Implement AA command GETMONOSTRUCT and fix FINDMONOMETHOD so it returns the jitted address

add auto assembler command "FINDMONOMETHOD"

add anchors

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Добрый день или вечер всем - хотел что спросить,кто не будь делал crosshairs c СЕ, а то дело то в чем - в любой игре когда его делаешь ну прорисовываешь в центре прицел из CE то он работает нормально,а если его сделать как бы трейнером - то он почему то постоянно рисует точку с лева сверху.Даже в настройках указываешь что бы в центре был,а он опять по своему с лева сверху...

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read the resource strings as utf8 and convert them to ansi

Add easier settings access

fix the legacy OnClose property on form

Add some conversions from ansi to utf8 to the header/comments input

implement pagecontrol and tabsheet class controllers for lua

change the settings form to use the node data to select the proper tabsheet

add some translation strings

fix compilaton for those that have a microsoft based resource compiler in the path before lazarus's

change the groupscan command generator to make use of anchors and commit some missing files

add anchor to the button on the assembly scan

add some anchors to the speedhack panel

Add a build in Activate and Deactivate sound to the cheat engine binary

one small bug, but seems to function decently

Replace beepOnAction with playSoundonAction with activate/deactivate sounds and make the generated script more up to date with current standards. (Untested and most likely breaks it completely)

Add saving and loading to the memory stream

implement playSound(tablefile) and playSound(memorystream)

fix a deadlock situation where the addresslist update would call the symbol handler before it's done

Add a referenced functions window to memory view

Add sorting to the columns of the referenced strings window

fix code dissect not following called jmp instructions

make the tracer config remember the settings during the session

update delay loaded structure pointers when pasting

wrong variable

don't change the case sensitivity checkbox when the type is changed from string to string

Add a Settings class so you can access and modify cheat engine's settings in the registry, and add your own settings

and fix pause/unpause when inside a protected trainer

bring back the secondary icon fetching and filter out avg

Add access function to the user registry environment variables

add a security check to the IOPL dispatcher

fix compilation in 32-bit and prepare for agent_onload implementation

implement java_writeClassToDisk and java_redefineClassWithCustomClassFile

implement java_FindClass

Add code to get and redefine java classes at runtime

Make the read/writeString methods of the LuaPipe capable of handling strings with 0-bytes in them

And improve the performance of CreateByteTableFromPointer

fix fstp

fix deleting symbols

Add a name property to the thread class in lua and show it when it crashes

And fix the thread parameter passed to thread functions

document {$LUA} and {$ASM} before I forget it like luacall (which is now obsolete)

fix a memory leak that could potentially eat up all memory while debugging the java agent

switch back to the windowhook messenger for the class designer and implement a custom delete operation (Objects didn't properly update and resize in the designDesigner)

fix doubleToByteTable

implement java_getObjectHandleToAddress

add a search to the java class list

Fix GetClassFields causing a crash when it fails

Add some "po" defines so you can set them without using the string version

add getNextSibling to the treenode class

add OutputDebugString

Fix the absoluteIndex property for treenode

Fix a very slow processlist with AVG

Move the Execute method declaration to the CommonDialog class and add the FindDialog class

Commit the changes to the java code

Add an isFloat parameter to registerCustomTypeLua

deal with exceptions int he debug message handling loop

don't inspect local vars named "(*temporary)" Those are not cheat engine defined userdata objects

lua breakpoints now make sure the current line is visible

fix the bug caused by the table inspection

Fix a wrong fix

Fix mistake regarding tcontrol and tobject

make the hint show the variable name and if it's local or global

decreased the timeout for the hint to show

fix deleting the breakpoint on the currently selected line

best solution for the calender object for now

add a check if progressbar is nil

Use LuaValueToDescription for the local vars as well

Make a button to work that was sneakily added without me knowing

Add an undocumented Uppercase start version of the functions

Fix memscan wait when scanning from a different thread

Add CheckSynchronize

Make some properties to non=-published properties more forgiving.

And add support for Enumeration types for non explicitly enumerated types that are given an integer instead of a string (align for example)

fix evaluating a table with a table

fix support for subroutine debugging

Add synchronize checks to the waittillreallydone call by lua and add an OnScanDone property to the memscan which gets called when the scan finishes

unset breakpoint when it's the current line as well

implement value lookup by hovering over variables when paused

Change the lua engine to not corrupt the stack

Change the debugger so it doesn't disable all windows anymore

And show a message when another script wants to debug while another one is still being debugged

start implementing a debugger for the lua engine. (Breakpoints and stepping work. Todo: Variable inspection)

Add Lock and Unlock to the C++ implementation of the pipe class

forgot to commit the readPointer code

Add an option to start the data dissect from the changed addresses form.

Add support for 64-bit registers in the address parser

fix unregister in the lua symbollist class

Make it so native threads return error messages when they encounter an error

And forgot the documentation for read/writePointer

First implementation of the java inspector lua part

fix some lua symbollist bugs and added some extra capabilities to it

Also added a clear all option to the userdefined symbol list

forgot a parameter

add texttoshortcut and shortcuttotext

add ctrl+r (replace) to the lua engine

and add an extra check to the symbollist destructor

+скомпилировал Java Inspector

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optimize the compression code now that it's confirmed to work

implement compressed pointerscan files

this might fix a problem with fpc 2.7.1

remove some code that shouldn't be needed anymore

let's keep it compilable for now

commit an idea

implement java_getField

implement java_getAllClassFields and add make jni's push/popLocalFrame available

add some keyboard shortcuts to the lua debugging (f5: set bp, f7: single step, f9:run)

and fix the info to better pick the correct word

fix fld disassembler for the real80 type

implement the searchpath commands

test and fix the invoke method function

implement FindClassObjects

some bugfixes and compilation fixes

some java commits

add some braces

Add a new debugger setting which will keep the gui responsive while debugging a game that hammers the debugger

one extra check on dx9 and compile and commit the 64-bit binaries for d3dhook as well

add some extra safeguards and add extra debugger debugging info

Add some extra safeguards

remove some debug code

Add support for attaching the d3dhook to a program that has already been hooked. And make d3dhook.destroy() cleanup the target process (a little) as well

add a critical section to the command list to prevent multiple threads from messing with the list at the same time

commit fixed hook dll's

Fix textcontainer rendering in dx10 and 11

better detection for which directx version is being used

make the breakpointlist display the type for exception breakpoints

pointerscan now formats the paths/sec into a more readable format, and it now shows when a thread is writing to disk

forgot some braces

One more check

fix breakpoint cleanup with override disabled and thread specific breakpoints

set breakpoint.active to false for single thread bp's when disabled

check dr6 in the cleanup when it's an non continued exception and not an debug exception. (a normal exception doesn't mind DR6 getting changed)

change createNativeThread into a variable argument function (the extra parameters will be passed on to the thread function)

add a new option to the veh debugger so it will apply breakpoints to new threads as well (can be disabled in settings)

test1: Ignore the cleanup requirement and cleanup for every event it returns from

put it back to nil

fix fucomp disassembling

fix a stupid bug and add a better cleanup routine

redesign the use of the debugger critical section again

change the position for the check for debugregister

change synchronize to take parameters and to return the value the function returns

Just to be clear it's not really a parameter, it's an object

just to specify it's not required

forgot to document this little feature for synchronize

fix synchronize

simplify the use of critical sections in the debugger, and deal with processes that constantly raise exceptions which would block the breakpoint cleanup. (and some extra safeguards) (Needs a LOT of testing)

remove some duplicate defines from the memoryrecord class

add an constant exception test

fix the scanner not scanning 64-bit

optimize symbol lookup when in a .net process

Actually wait and check the status when the use wishes to wait again

wrong place to check

Add a check if it has timed out or not

Remove some obsolete specific property declarations which are now handled by the published property handler

Add a java bytecode assembler

Add some anchor side defines

And fix an potential error when one of the legacy lua functions is used to reference something that isn't a class

Add the Selected property and ColumnClick event to the listview object

seems %f is a 2 digit max value anyhow

Add menu and parent to the menuitem object

Show a message when the debugger attach timeout has been triggered and ask the user to wait some more or give up

add createRef, getRef and destroyRef (useful for usage with gui components and lua interaction. Like classes)

Add support for OwnerData in listviews

make the variable lookup deal with object paths. (not array support for now though)

finish the bytecode assembly framework part and comment out some debug code

some fixes to the class parser and start adding the framework for bytecode disassembling/assembling (last added: getfield)

add some java class parsing and start planning out an editor

fix setPenPosition

compile fix

make byteTableToString and stringToByteTable deal with strings that have a 0 terminator (get lengths from lua or the bytetable)

Add ability to load the java agent at launch time

Add java settings to the settings window and added a command to query the capabilities

And add support for setting boolean type settings

fix 8 byte editing and add decimal types to the other types

perhaps messageboxa takes ansi strings instead of utf8

fix uninitialized pointer

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some path fixes to make release builds functional (get openjdk if you wish to compile this and adjust the paths accordingly)

commit binary versions of the java agent

make compilable for 32-bit as well. And add 2 new build modes (specific 32 and 64 bit release)

now sfloat refuses to compile in 32-bit. (not a too big problem, but there is a better solution so ditch it)

Make the code compilable for FPC 2.7.1 and Lazarus 1.3 build 2014-05-11

Fix a big bug that didn't cause any big problems because of 8 byte aligned local variables

Changed from dynamic compiling the sound resources to a pre build sound resource because of build problems

insert the java settings menu at a more suitable place in the list

implement insert and insertBehind for treenodes


fix the java class editor and add class editing functionality to "find what access" and the class dissector

java: add find what accesses" to the foundlist context menu

fix unknown initial value scan for java

add clientwidth and clientheight properties

fix customcontrol.canvas

add a play button for the xm file

properly deal with multithreading and fix the position not showing

redesign and finish the unregister field modification watch

and update some documentation

make the findWhatWrites routine synchronize with the main thread (it works without, just to make sure)

and add a few defines for listview styles

fix thread synchronize and change it the the global synchronize to accept multiple parameters

Add a "find what writes" to java

markedfordeletion is a better flag to check as active might be false but not yet marked for deletion (windows xp patch. I do understand microsoft on their xp stance here...)

fix the bug where opening,closing, opening, closing a debugger view window would cause an debugger crash

the fieldid would use useful as well

forgot to add code to read out the results

don't let the tracer guess the type if it's 2 byte as it might prefer a byte

add some of the OEM keys to ConvertKeyComboToString

show the hint for tiny

remove some test code

add a nil check

fix compilation error for 32 bit

Remove saving of specific end offsets in the ptr.* files. Just save them one time in the main .ptr

Warning: This is incompatible with existing compressed ptr files(the level index now has a 0 value). I recommend you finish your scans as they will be useless after applying this patch

forgot the 0 terminator, and add some extra checks and safeguards

I have no idea why this would cause a problem in openProcess but use something else to show the error

slightly increase the speed of attaching the veh debugger when there is a huge .pdb

commit an earlier fix for open process block bypassing

some debug output cleanup

add an optional parameter to the protection command

some extra debug info

also the other two

fix checkbox State property

fix not being able to break after clicking stop

add a stop button to the lua engine window debugger

implement the missing memscan.newScan

add documentation for activateProtection

implement a way to protect cheat engine from simple memory scanners (to make the trainer crybabies happy)

And obviously also build in the way to bypass that protection (to piss them off again)

implement java variable scanning code

Add grouped writing to the network interface and add a check to the breakpoint cleanup so it only does that on x86 systems

fix sorting compressed ptr files

fix 16 bit or assembling

fix the paramcount for setActive

and add a dot

implement setField

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Cheat Engine 6.4 Beta1


write the changelist

Add the SelectDirectoryDialog component

And fix DBKLoaded

add the lfs binaries

add the save session script to the svn

add support for some extra 'special' pdb registers

make use of the updated dbghelp for 64-bit as well, fallback to search if missing

commit updated dbghelp dll's. Now also for 64-bit

remove an dependency that was added by accident

fix the output destination paths for the jvmti project in release mode and upload the proper release build dll's

some text changes and add-ons

some network performance improvements

fix the displaytype of 8 byte decimal staying stuck

the left arrow key now decreases the address by 1 just like the right arrow key

remove some debug output

Linux/ARM: make the speedhack and module injection in general function even when a debugger is attached

add option to change the compression level on the network scan

this check isn't necessary anymore (compiled fine in 32-bit with fpc 2.7.1 rev 27759)

stop playback on form close

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Cheat Engine 6.4 Beta2


fix the focus check using the wrong formname

Implement TCloseQueryEvent and hide non implemented events from the object inspector

Add some protections against a 32-bit exception handler bug in fpc

add some more sorting capabilities to the listview

and make the undocumented calendar object at least creatable with code

possibly fix kernelmode debug with global debug enabled

change the hint a bit

fix dll injection and d3dhook when done from an autoattach openprocess call

make the trainer position update constantly now (every 2 seconds)

add an extra parameter to reinitializeSymbolhandler so it can run without having to wait

made the exe trainer generator detect the usage of "xmplayer." as well

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Cheat Engine 6.4 RC1 rev2567

show symbols now also shows when show modules is off

fix auto assembler accessing lua variables of 1 char long and it's preference for integers

add a syntax check for negative registers

add documentation

add a way to access the title property of the application class object. (getMainForm().Owner.Title="Test")

fix define(fVALUE, (float)100.0)

add overlay.fx to the generated .exe when d3d hook is used and add the 64bit dll's for 64 bit targets as well

don't send an openProcess event when a process has been closed

fix the previous value column

remember the last breakpoint condition

fix a problem when dealing with stupid users

and make the scan options groupbox look a little better on some systems

fix the saved scan handler from bugging out when randomly accessed

fix pressing enter on auto assembler entries

add the dotnextdatacollector files to the exe generator

add highlighting for mm#

fix the column click detection in the structure view

better support for utf8 in auto assembler and lua syntax highlighting

fix some form designer issues

hide the testlabel

add an option to specify if during the lua engine resize you wish the code to resize, or the output\

and enable tab indentation for lua

add highlighting of the xmm registers

fix problem with using extra format symbols that where not supported in the disassembler view

in the code injection template when no module address an be given, use the symbolhandler to get an alternate name (e.g jitted functions)

add a version of getProcesslist() for lua that doesn't take a stringlist but just returns a table

Add a warning to forced termination of scans that it can break subsequent scans

Add highlighting for xmm register

increased the fontsize of the tutorial, adjusted some gui component locations, and made the tutorial windows resizable

show the process list filter in the processlist caption

apply .net array patch by justa_dude

add a symbol information lookup command. (can be used to get the size of a function)

Do save the real address

don't save the "laststate" if it's a string (could cause problems)

remove 8 byte storage on treenode.data in the 32-bit version. Fixes the settings menu and shouldn't cause problems as 32-bit shouldn't bother targeting 64-bit processes anyhow

fix the anchor editor not showing icons on the buttons since the move to the current lazarus

commit test

fix some typos in the tutorial and fix a bug in step6

deselect records when nothing is selected

add shift scrolling

fix the addresslist editor when scrolled down

several typo fixes

fix crashes when copying disassembler code and the disassembler was actively used

reset the range after the setup is done

fix legacy thread_synchronize() and change savesession.lua to make use of the current thread.synchronize routine

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ANT' timestamp='1402579424' post='17987']



СПАСИБИЩЕ, в этой версии у меня заработал Ultimap и DBVM в частности :) В 6.3 уходил в BSOD..

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Да, так было бы удобней.

Только можно ли от туда удалять? А то если часто добавлять новые ревизии, не удаляя старые, то может кучу места сожрать

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Категорию создал


Займись заливкой.

Каждый новый билд делай заливкой в тот же файл (там есть опция "загрузить новую версию") с чейнджлогом (все формы есть, все сделано хорошо). Ну и сюда можешь постить ссылку уже на файл в файловом архиве, а не в дропбоксе.

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Cheat Engine 7.4.1 (29b4002) от 2022.06.10 x64 only

без драйвера. Для компиляции нужно ставить старую студию, или допиливать проект под новую. Пока не вижу смысла

Изменено пользователем svirito
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  • Создать...

Важная информация

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